Simumatik3D and Simumatik3D OPCUA Server are free software distributed with Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. With Simumatik3D it's possible to learn PLC and robot programming in an interactive way or test your real projects

Simumatik3D is perfect for educational purposes, for those who want to learn PLC and robot programming. But It has all the features for building your own systems and use it for commercial purposes.


  • Communication using OPC-UA for PLCs (Codesys®, Rockwell Automation® and Siemens® S7,..) and robot soft controllers (ABBs RobotStudio® and RoboDK®).
  • Basic electric and pneumatic devices included.
  • HMI interface objects like buttons, keys and lamps included.

Simumatik3D v1.0.6

Simumatik3D OPCUA Server v0.1.6